Our origins

Our service, under the specifics we offer it is unique and innovative. It’s a mixture of highly successful enterprises to which we’ve been exposed as both providers and recipients.

Deferred processing.

This is our area of expertise. We handled transactions from stations around the world from a single headquarter office based in the United States for an international company. Also programmed from remote locations and served as customer and technical support for customers from our office.

During this enterprise we evolved with technology from using modems to today’s internet. We’re well versed in handling secure environments by way of encrypted communication and/or VPN networks.

This assures your company not only we can handle any type of technical requirements, but also since we have successfully performed deferred processing at different levels you have our experience available to your guaranteed success employing resources to work remotely.


The VOIP is a concept widely known now days. There are companies offering it to the public such as Vonage.

We have used this and similar technology straight from telephone companies for years. In this area we have also evolved from leased point to point lines using multiplexors to today’s TCP/IP environment.

This is also available for you to guarantee you won’t loose communication with your employee.

Payroll companies.

This is a service many companies enroll for their local employees not to have to handle their payroll themselves. We’ve been exposed to it for years.

Through us you can not only pay but also offer your employees medical insurance and arrange 401K, retirement plans and other services. We take care of all the transactions, you worry only about doing one payment.

This service carries out to the benefit of our customers since plans you want to offer your employees are less expensive when considering large groups which are the prices we get when considering the employees from all our customers added.

What are we not.

We don't develop the OUTSOURCING model, don't take over your process nor will get involved in your operation; guarantying the privacy of your databases and methodologies.

We don’t supervise or act as quality control of the work performed at our facilities for our clients. The work is exclusively a matter of our clients and their employees. We only facilitate the working environment.

We don’t compete with any of our clients.

We’re not a employment agency. The candidates we refer are intended to work for our clients.

We’re not an accounting office. We only handle personnel and run payroll for the employees working for our customers at our facilities.

We don’t offer internet access to the public. It’s exclusively to be used by our customer’s employees.

We are not a long distance calling center. Our phone lines are all assigned to our customers for the use of their employees.

We don’t sell equipment. The quotations we offer to our clients are to avoid them having to purchase in an foreign environment and having to take equipment from their countries into were we operate and pay importing fees and/or taxes.

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