Overseas Employment Services develops the INSOURCING model that facilitates hiring human resources from places where it is less expensive and locate them in an environment from which they work as if they were in your own office.

This is a common practice for large companies. By calling the customer service department of AT&T, Earthlink or Microsoft among many others, it’s noticeable they service us mostly from India.
This is thus far, worth doing only for a large number of employees as companies need to incorporate there, pay taxes to the foreign governments they operate from, look for facilities and hire extra personnel to manage all this.

We are the alternative for small to medium companies to employ in foreign countries and save. We are incorporated where you can find very inexpensive labor and have offices in those places in which you can place your human resources.

Their salary is negotiated between your organization and them, just as with any other employee. We take care of all transactions, you worry only about making a single payment.

We have qualified lawyers and accountants very knowledgeable of the labor environment, taxation and laws of the countries where we host our facilities. We handle this for you as part of our services to make your employment legal. Through us you can offer your employees medical insurance, 401K and retirement plans.

Our facilities are state of the art, comfortable and secured with high speed internet access and a stable source of power, divided in cubicles to guarantee a productive working environment. Cubicles can be arranged with a VoIP phone line with an American number from any area code which won’t charge long distance for calls in the continental US.
The offices are available during the work schedule you request for your employees.

Local American vs. foreign labor costs in U.S. dollars. This comparison considers the local American best case and the foreign market worst. A fee of $150 is the highest you will ever pay, it includes the options of phone line and medical insurance among others.
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Telemarketer Accountant Graphic Designer Programmer
US Local Market/Hour $ 10.00 $ 24.04 $ 19.23 $ 21.63
US Local Market/Week $ 400.00 $ 961.54 $ 769.23 $ 865.38
US Local Market/Year $ 20,800.00 $ 50,000.00 $ 40,000.00 $ 45,000.00
Overseas Market/Hour $ 6.25 $ 7.00 $ 7.25 $ 7.50
Overseas Market/Week $ 250.00 $ 280.00 $ 290.00 $ 300.00
Overseas Market/Year $ 13,000.00 $ 14,560.00 $ 15,080.00 $ 15,600.00
Savings/Year $ 7,800.00 $ 35,440.00 $ 24,920.00 $ 29,400.00

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